At a conference a couple years ago, one of my volunteer staff members was talking to a gentleman about books for his 13 year-old son. They started a casual conversation about which books would be appropriate considering his son’s age and the other books they had previously gone through. As the conversation went on, this man told a story that not only revealed his incredible father-heart, but also deeply touched me and my team.

It came up that this man had taken his son on a weekend retreat calledPassport2Purity. (If you haven’t heard of this resource – it’s a wonderful self-guided weekend retreat for mothers and fathers to take their 10-12 year-olds on). He said they had had a really impacting time – he felt like his son was truly grasping the concept of purity and was receiving a lot of truth from the content of the sessions. This dad could also tell his son appreciated the fact that Dad had taken time out of his over-packed schedule to take him on this weekend. So much, in fact, at one point he asked his dad about the other boys in his church who didn’t have dads. “Dad – who is going to take THEM on Passport2Purity? And if no one takes them, how will they know about waiting for their spouse?”

This question cut this dad to his heart, but instead of simply agreeing with his son about this sad reality and moving on, he put plans in place to take other boys on Passport2Purity. This special dad who wanted to help his son’s friends ended up taking multiple boys on their own one-on-one retreat.

With tears in his eyes, this gentleman reminded me why I started Generations of Virtue in the first place. It was to equip parents to have moments like this – to rise above the low expectations of our culture when it comes to purity – and to teach their children how to do the same. This dad went above his duty to his son and reached out to the son’s fatherless friends. Way to go, Dad!

As I reflect on this story and write it down, I am also struck by the foresight of the son who realized his friends really needed to be mentored in the area of purity. More than so many other decisions a young person faces, decisions about purity have an immense impact on the course of a person’s life. This wise son understands his friends need to be equipped with the truth about purity in order to experience the incredible blessings God gives to those who obey His standards in this part of their lives.

This young man represents a generation who wants to be pure and needs the help of their parents to get there. They are not content to sit back and do nothing as their peers fall away and experience the horrific consequences of going with the flow of culture. They too want to see a generation fulfill their calling in Christ!

This Father’s Day, I encourage you to have those conversations with your sons and daughters that may be uncomfortable at first, but will have a huge impact on their futures. Whether your kids are toddlers or teens, you can equip them to live pure lives. May the Lord bless you and give you wisdom as you raise this pure generation.

In Christ,
Julie Hiramine