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The last and most important tip is one that will radically shape their life. Teach your kids to hear from God. Being able to discern our selfish voice against the still small voice of God is invaluable when it comes to friends, jobs, school, financial choices, even our future mate! God wants to tell you something amazing today, are you listening? Check out this resource!

This tip may hit pretty close to home, but it’s necessary to pass on the meaning of what a real marriage is made of. If you argue in front of your kids, make a point to make up and say “I love you” and show that even through tough times, you don’t quit; you grow closer together. Family is meant to be healthy, not masked or fake.

Active filtering software is a Must Have for any computers that your kids use that has access to the internet.  Based off of the amount of pornographic websites that exist on the internet, it is just a matter of time before your kids could stumble across something inappropriate online if the proper safe guards are not in place.  We have some recommendations that we have tried and they work great! Check out our technology page to find out more.

Do you have TiVo or DVR for watching TV? Did you know that the choices you and your kids make when watching TV will have a much higher standard if you are able to pre-record shows and only watch what has been recorded? And when watching movies, there’s a product that will edit out various levels or all language, violence, drug content, or anything you dont approve of. it’s called Clear Play. Check it out here.

How focused are your kids when they are online? Do your kids “multi-task” while using the internet? Emailing, school research, chatting, Social Networks etc all at once? This is not a healthy pattern to develop. Studies have been done that indicate kids have a tendency to be very “wide” and not very “deep” because one thing never gets their full attention. Teach your kids the value on focusing on the task at hand even online and not allow themselves to become distracted. Example: Teach them that while they are researching for a school project they should stay signed out of any chat program, social network or email so it is easier to resist the temptation to respond right away if someone contacts them. They ability to “unplug” will be invaluable in this technological age.

Youth groups don’t fix kids. They can either inspire them, or hinder them. Warn your children of the cliques, the mean people, the good people, the fake people, and remind them that it’s what God thinks of YOU that matters most. Your identity is in Christ. Wear a purity ring to show what you stand for!

No matter what school your child goes to, plan a day of escape at least once. Take them out of school for the day- something you planned to affirm their identity in Christ, their gender, and overall purpose in life. Pray and love each other. Don’t make this time one to correct them- this is a special time to lift up, and encourage the parts that are growing in the right direction, and what an amazing day it will be. Finish the day off with a Movie night!

It’s vital for a husband and wife to connect on a regular basis! Plan an evening or weekend getaway from time to time, making sure to not work, but focus on God, prayer, Each other, and praying for the Children. Read a book together and inspire each other to greatness in the household. As a team united under the banner of Christ, husband and wife can raise the next generation with authority and grace.

One interesting thing for parents and their kids to do is write down 3 personal values. Sit down and write out what is it in life they value most. It’s interesting to see what they come up with, and is a good time to share the values and convictions you have as parents, like why it’s important to save sex till marriage, why a relationship with God is valuable, or any other value your family may hold dearly to. This way, when your child asks “Why do we do this?” You can pass on values that will stick with them for the rest of their lives. Be prepared for the “Why?” questions beforehand.

Home schooled kids have a bad reputation for being “sheltered”, but the intention is for them to be “Protected from the junk in this world”. Do they know what your protecting them from? No matter what type of schooling your child has, it’s important to equip your child with information. Truthful information equips while perverted information steals innocence. Be the first message your child hears! Spend some time thinking about what part of your testimony could equip your child where they are at right now?