Tip #44

Making time to talk is one of the best ways to pass values, give advice, correction, encourage, or just discuss life. It’s proven that when parents spend quality time with their children, they are less likely to engage in life-damaging behavior. If you as a parent were able to have a specific area where you were “equal” with one another, and had a special place for your child to let out frustrations or ask any question without fear, openness becomes normal. It’s in that that moment; you can share timely information for both Guys and Gals

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There's a time to laugh, a time to cry, a time to play, and a time to be still. Theres a time to be polite, and a time to let out some anger in your room... There's a time for everything, and helping your child (no matter what age) realize this is very important. If you get frustrated when your child is running around and being loud, there's a teachable moment to sit with your child, eye to eye, and say why it's important to obey, not to just be frustrated as a parent (even though it really can be upsetting at times). Look for teachable moments where you can insert knowledge into those your training up; by doing so you are giving them exactly what they need to grow! As for biblical teachable moments, we have a book that can help you as a parent, share what the bible says about "those moments." You can see it here.

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