How does RaPG work?

Raising a Pure Generation is split into 8 video-driven sessions (about 30 minutes per session). This resource has been designed to work well with small groups, parent's groups, churches, moms-only groups, homeschool support groups, and just about any gathering of parents!

What's in the box?

In the box you'll find 4 DVDs (2 sessions per DVD), 1 Leader's Guide and 1 Parent's Guide. This is the basic setup that you will need to get started. Ideally each leader would have their own guide, and we strongly suggest that every parent have their own guide for taking notes as they customize their plan for raising a pure generation. In addition to outlines for each of the sessions, the Parent's Guide includes the Transforming Your Family 40-day personal devotional, tech tips, and weekly challenges to help parents put into practice the principles they are learning. Group quantity discounts are available for the Parent's Guide on the Generations of Virtue store.

The Leader's Guide has everything the leader of a group will need to orchestrate the curriculum. It has preparation points for each session as well as discussion questions to engage your group members. There are instructions for various activities you can do with your group to suppliment the message. Also included are suggestions for customizing the study to your group. For additional copies of the Leader's Guide, please Contact Us

Check out the Bonus Materials page where you'll find PDFs that you can print and pass out to your group members. Finally, the Promo page gives you materials to promote your RaPG group. Whether you need a video to show, powerpoint slides, a bulletin insert, or a special email to send to advertise your group, you'll find it here.

Sample Schedule

A typical evening at a small group could look something like this:
Emphasized text are sections that can be found in the Leader's Guide.
   6:00 - Welcome and socializing time
   6:15 - Watch the session for that week
   6:45 - Go over the Keys to Remember
   6:50 - Give group members time to discuss the Coffee Shop Talk questions, give time for individuals to share their insights and address any further questions or concerns the group may have about the session topic (refer to the FAQs)
   7:15 - Optional activity (options are listed in the Customize It section)
   7:45 - Go over the Weekly Challenge and take prayer requests for the group.
   8:00 - All done!

Sample Optional Activity for a Sunday School Group:

After you watch the DVD, have your parents write letters to each of their children. Encourage the group to find the promises of God in Scripture, verses like Jeremiah 29:11. Have the whole group look up and write these verses down on a big piece of paper or dry erase board. This way the group can pick and choose the verses they want to include in their letters. Next, have the parents write their letters, with the intention of awakening love for God in their children by writing to them about His great love for them.