Against the Tide-Middleschool

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A how-to guide to train your children in purity! This year-by-year guide takes you through our most highly recommended resources and how to use them with your kids. Grades 5th-8th.

Against the Tide-Middleschool

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Suggested Age Parents 8-12, Parents 13+
Author(s) Julie Hiramine and Megan Briggs
Page Count 105
Publication Date 2013
Publisher Generations of Virtue


This curriculum guide is for 10- to 14-year olds and, like its predecessor for elementary-aged children, highlights when and how to use the very best resources available on character development, age-appropriate sex education, and healthy relationships. The middle school years are a pivotal time in the shaping of your child's convictions, body image, relationship with figures of authority and others, and more. Included for every grade are pointers for mom and dad, an "Organizer" page that gives you options for how to go through the resources, and resource description pages including pointers, discussion questions, and activities.

Excerpt from Against the Tide
"God has given us a mandate as parents to raise a generation that will be pure in heart and follow the precepts of His word with a passion. I see a generation who will run into the waves of this culture without fear because they know their God and are willing to hold high His banner and His standard. They are equipped and prepared to not only swim against the tide, but to turn the tide back to God's standard and His design. We do not want to raise our children to cower in a corner with their standards, but be the leaders in the hand of the Almighty God to change our world. Therefore they have a big job ahead of them and that job begins with us as parents, when they are young. It is time now to start setting the paradigm so they will be prepared for the moment the first waves threaten to crash upon them. God is in the business of raising up a Generation of Virtue."

What GOV Says: This curriculum guide is designed to take the leg work out of establishing a plan to raise your children in purity starting at a young age. This guide is full of the very best resources we've found on purity training for middle schoolers.

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Julie Hiramine is the Founder and Executive Director of the ministry Generations of Virtue that equips parents to empower their children for purity in our world today. As an internationally noted speaker, author, and Christian leader, Julie has encouraged and impacted parents and teens both in the US and internationally through her speaking and written materials. Julie's background in youth ministry has shaped her into an advocate for raising the next generation to fulfill their God-given destinies.

Julie has written and produced 10 resources for parents, children, and teens. Among her works are Guardians of Purity, the Beautifully Made series, Culture Shock, and var MegnorTabs = Class.create(); MegnorTabs.prototype = { initialize: function(selector) { $$(selector).each(this.initTab.bind(this)); }, initTab: function(el) { el.href = 'javascript:void(0)'; if ($(el).up('li').hasClassName('active')) { this.showContent(el); } el.observe('click', this.showContent.bind(this, el)); }, showContent: function(a) { var li = $(a).up('li'), ul = $(li).up('ul'); ul.select('li'/*, 'ol'*/).each(function(el) { var contents = $(el.id + '_contents'); if (el.id == li.id) { el.addClassName('active'); contents.show(); } else { el.removeClassName('active'); contents.hide(); } }); } } new MegnorTabs('.tabs a');