6th Grade Girls

These resources are featured in 6th grade girls in Against the Tide 5th - 8th Grade.

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  1. 8 Great Dates for Moms and Daughters

    8 fun and impacting dates for moms and daughters. You and your 8-12 year old girl will love connecting as you discuss beauty, image, and your relationship with Christ. Learn More
    $12.99 $12.49
  2. Beautiful Girlhood

    This classic book consists of 33 concise, eloquent lessons regarding ladylike behavior. Included are chapters on watching one's tongue, modesty, obedience, and much more. Your daughter will love this classic story and instructional book. This edition has been slightly revised to include more modern Learn More
    $8.99 $8.69
  3. Beautiful Girlhood - Companion Guide

    This wonderful mother-daughter study is based on the lessons and virtues found in the book Beautiful Girlhood. Mom and daughter will enjoy connecting over these spiritual truths. Learn More
    $13.95 $13.45
  4. Girl's Passage, Father's Duty

    An excellent resource on rites-of-passage and mentoring for fathers of daughters. Learn More
    $12.99 $12.49
  5. Hooked

    Modern science reveals what God's word has been advocating for years: don't awaken love before it's time. Learn More
  6. Meet Mr. Smith

    A modern-day allegory that challenges our culture's view of sex and God. Learn More
    $13.99 $13.49
  7. Passport 2 Purity Updated

    Updated and revised for 2012! Passport 2 Purity takes the guess-work out of talking to your son or daughter about sex, relationships, and how to stay pure in our culture. Learn More
  8. Project Blessing

    Learn how simple it can be to pass on meaningful blessing to your children that can have profound impact on their future. Set includes instructional booklet and inspirational DVD teaching parents, pastors, teachers, and caregivers the simple art of blessing their children. Learn More
    $24.99 $14.99
  9. What Is God's Design for My Body?

    Continue the conversation with your child about the birds and the bees! Learn More
    $5.99 $5.69

9 Item(s)

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