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  1. Every Young Man's Battle

    This insightful book discusses the shocking truth about the battle young men face today regarding sexual temptation. Learn how to combat this spiritual foe as you consecrate your sexuality to Christ. Learn More
  2. His Battle: God's Plan for Victory

    Short, encouraging letters for the soldiers in God's army. Learn More
  3. Preparing Your Daughter for Every Woman's Battle

    Lay a foundation that will help your daughter withstand the pressures young woman face. Learn More
  4. Tactics: Securing the Victory in Every Young Man's Battle

    Tactics picks up where Every Young Man's Battle leaves off. It explains why sexual sin is so addictive and why guys battling in the trenches to stay pure still struggle. Most of all, it unveils the spiritual front of this epic match-up and how an intimate connection to the Father is the edge needed Learn More
  5. Preparing Your Son for Every Man's Battle

    Get practical help for equipping your son for the challenges he will face in today's out-of-control society in this father-son study. Learn More
  6. Every Young Woman's Battle

    Learn the truth about fighting against sexual temptation. This book discusses the unique form of sexual temptation that every girl faces. Learn More
  7. Every Young Woman's Battle - Workbook

    This excellent workbook compliments and expands upon the principles and lesson found in the book Every Young Woman's Battle. Find the encouragement needed to fight the battle in this study that can be used for personal or group use. Learn More
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  8. Facing the Facts-Revised

    An all-encompassing sexual education book designed to present God's purpose for sex, sexual sin and its consequences, and much more. Equip your children with the information necessary to win the battle for sexual purity. Learn More
  9. Keys to Impacting Your Family Webinar Download - Part 4

    Sometimes a lack of Dad’s involvement in his child’s life comes about not for lack of trying, but because of circumstances. Whether dad is extremely busy or is struggling with his own battles, he can make a lasting difference on his children. Fathers will gain insights on connecting with their c Learn More

9 Item(s)

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