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  1. The Robber's Cave CD Lamplighter

    Expertly done radio theater that teaches a Christian character lesson. Learn More
  2. Wanderer

    New radio drama from Lamplighter Publishing! Learn More
  3. Character Building from the Life of Jesus

    60 character-building stories taken from the Gospels all about the Lord and His life. Children 5+ will learn about the character traits that made Jesus an extraordinary witness. Learn More
  4. The Christian Girl's Guide to Style

    Tween girls love this simple how-to guide on style. Addressing issues of character, modesty, and appearance, girls will be encouraged to honor God with everything they are. Learn More
  5. The King's Equal

    A dying king decrees that his son shall not wear the crown until he marries a woman who equals him in appearance, intelligence and wealth. Imagine the arrogant prince's surprise when he discovers he must learn to display noble character himself before he can be equally yoked to a woman who is his eq Learn More
  6. Have a New Kid by Friday

    Focusing on changing a child's attitude, behavior, and character, this book contains chapters for each day of the week, as well as a special section with advice on everything from rolling eyes to sibling rivalry to talking back to punching walls--and much, much more. Learn More
  7. The Princess and the Three Knights

    This is a beautiful book that communicates the nature of true love to your little girl. Learn More
    $15.99 $15.49
  8. I'd Be Your Princess

    Connect with your daughter as you read about and witness character traits every godly young woman should seek to emulate. Learn More
    $17.99 $17.49
  9. Three Weavers, The

    An interactive character study based on the allegory of the story of the Three Weavers for fathers and daughters aged 9-17. Learn More
  10. Developing Godly Character

    An intensive Bible study great for teenagers and young adults - Developing Godly Character teaches young people how to study scripture. Taking the reader through the New Testament, this intensive study teaches tools that will serve a believer for the rest of his or her life. Learn More
  11. Little Boy After God's Own Heart, A

    The combination of charming paintings and easy to learn lessons will guide boys toward the heart of God and toward a life of godliness that shows in their words, actions, and spirit. Learn More
  12. Teknon and the CHAMPION Warriors-Father's Guide

    Guide your son through his adolescence and teach him the many great character qualities that spell out CHAMPION found in the novel. Courage, Honor, Attitude, Mental Toughness, Purity, Integrity, Ownership, and Navigation. Also great for small group study. Learn More
  13. Teknon and the CHAMPION Warriors-Novel

    Before Teknon can join the warriors in the adventure of his life, he must face a series of challenges and confront his own weaknesses and fears. With his father's help, Teknon discovers what it takes to be a true CHAMPION Warrior. The character qualities that spell out CHAMPION are Courage, Honor, A Learn More
    $13.99 $12.99
  14. Keys to Impacting Your Family Webinar Download - Part 3

    Parents are key when it comes to building the conviction and character children will need to push out all the confusing messages and hold fast to the truth of God’s word. Learn how to express and demonstrate clear expectations and help your children build internal boundaries that will serve them w Learn More
  15. Teknon and the Champion Warriors- Set

    Join Teknon and his father on their epic quest to defeat an evil enemy. Best of all, this father-son study focuses on heroic characteristics every godly man should emulate. Set includes The Teknon novel, Learn More
    $44.97 $42.99

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