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  1. Heroes of the Bible Devotional

    From Noah to Ruth to Hezekiah to Paul, the Bible is filled with stories of ordinary people who had heroic faith and who, through God's power, performed some pretty amazing feats! Their stories can inspire all of us to live like true heroes of faith. Learn More
  2. One Girl Can Change the World

    An inspiring and equipping book for teen girls who are passionate about changing our world for good. Learn More
  3. A Girl after God's Own Heart

    An upbeat study for tween girls longing to please God with their lives. Learn More
    $9.99 $9.69
  4. His Princess Warrior: Love Letters for Strength from Your Lord

    Uplifting, encouraging letters inspired by scripture and written to God's daughters. Learn More
  5. Warrior Prince for God

    An entertaining tale about becoming a brave soldier in God's army. Learn More
    $15.99 $15.49
  6. His Battle: God's Plan for Victory

    Short, encouraging letters for the soldiers in God's army. Learn More
  7. I am God's Creation Necklace

    "I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well." Psalm 139:14 Remind your daughter that she is a beautiful creation in Christ with this adorable sterling silver heart, flower and butterfly necklace. Learn More
    $57.99 $46.99
  8. Lies Young Women Believe Companion Guide

    The companion Bible study to the book Lies Young Women Believe. Learn More
  9. Lies Young Women Believe

    A revelatory book on the subtle lies young women often believe about themselves, about God, and about relationships. Learn More
  10. Hooked

    Modern science reveals what God's word has been advocating for years: don't awaken love before it's time. Learn More
  11. The Boy of Mount Rhigi

    A wonderful radio theater presentation about God's redemption. Learn More
  12. Same-Sex Marriage

    Same-sex marriage is here, presenting unique challenges and opportunities. How do those who follow Christ faithfully answer the standard talking points for same-sex marriage? And how can they best articulate the case for one-man, one-woman marriage in everyday conversation? Learn More
  13. The Fantasy Fallacy

    a ground-breaking work from Shannon Ethridge! Rather than let fantasies rule us, let's take out the sting and bring them under God's rule, allowing the Lord to heal us from the brokenness and insecurities that cause inappropriate fantasies to haunt us. Learn More
  14. Beautiful in God's Eyes for Young Women

    Have you ever struggled with your body image or in a moment of depression asked, "Why am I ugly?" Bestselling author Elizabeth George wants you to experience the confidence of knowing that you are beautiful in God's eyes. Learn More
  15. Wake Up Generation

    Learn to tune in to God's purpose and destiny for your life. Paige Omartian inspires young people to live for everything God has called them to. Learn More

Items 1 to 15 of 44 total

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