A selection of discontinued and overstock books. These are excellent titles--they have just been republished, or we simply have too many. Enjoy!

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  1. Wonder of Girls, The

    Get the inside scoop on your daughter's behavior from a secular perspective. Understandable research, practical advice, and up-to-date information make this book very insightful. Learn More
    $14.00 $4.99
  2. Hooray for You

    Show your child they are cherished and loved with this sweet story book. Learn More
    $15.99 $7.99
  3. Pure Desire

    Within this resource are answers to the cry for help from those who have tried to build sexual holiness in their lives and failed. This book is also for the shattered souls of mates who are puzzled, shamed, and wounded by their spouses' secret lives. Learn More
    $14.99 $7.99
  4. Fireproof

    Starring Kirk Cameron, Fireproof portrays the inspiring love story of a firefighter, his wife, and a marriage worth rescuing. Learn More
    $19.99 $7.99
  5. This Little Light of Mine

    A beautiful story that reminds little ones that the love of God is something they can never lose. Learn More
    $18.50 $5.99
  6. Father to Son

    Life lessons on raising a boy in short, easy-to-read segments. Makes an excellent gift for any dad. Learn More
    $7.95 $3.99
  7. You Are My Wish Come True

    You are my Wish come True, is a tender tale of devotion between a parent and child. Learn More
    $15.95 $7.99
  8. Choice, The

    The sequel to The Challenge, this book not only provides wholesome entertainment, but even serves to teach young people about the nature of courtship and waiting on the Lord. Learn More
    $15.99 $3.99
  9. Question, The

    The third book in the A Time for Every Purpose Series. Learn More
    $15.99 $3.99
  10. Concept, The

    The fourth book in the "A Time for Every Purpose Series". Learn More
    $15.99 $3.99
  11. When Dreams Come True-CD

    An inspiring love story for anyone waiting for God's best. Learn More
    $29.99 $7.99

11 Item(s)

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