His Grace is Sufficient

It’s a pretty common verse, 2 Corinthians 12:9. God tells Paul, “My grace is sufficient”

What does sufficient mean? The dictionary says, “adequate for the purpose; enough”

His grace is adequate for the purpose. What purpose?

Every purpose.

child-prayingI am nearing the half way point of my last semester of college, and I have to tell you, it is exhausting. I am a leader on the track team and campus ministry and church worship team and trying to write my enormous research paper and do other classes and enjoy my friends because in less than three months, this will all be gone.

I am tired. And this is where the enemy tries to sneak his way in. He crawls in at nighttime, reminding me of the past. He tries to tell me that I have earned my time to do with as I please, even if that movie isn’t the most appropriate and my friends are engaging in questionable activities. He tells me I deserve it and that all the good I do will level it all out.

But God says, “My grace is sufficient”.

His grace is sufficient to protect all purity, to keep you on the paths of righteousness, to keep pulling you towards the cross.

His grace is sufficient.

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