Wearing the Crown

CrownIn moments of angst, when purity has seemed too hard and not worth it, I have allowed myself to ponder the alternative, usually when I’ve retired for the evening. It’s gone something like this…

“You know, I could just blow it all right now. Does it really matter? I could walk into any one of the college parties and dance with some guy and have sex tonight if I felt like it”

Most people who know me don’t believe I’d ever think that. My crucified self doesn’t, but my flesh does. No matter how much you know about who God is and why purity matters to Him, you can still be deceived. You and I aren’t perfect. We are not above this sin.

Shakespeare once wrote, “Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown.” When I get angsty and rebellious like this, it’s because I’m wearing the crown. I could self-destruct at any moment. I’m ready to take off in any direction at a hundred miles an hour, even if I’m surrounded by brick walls. I’m in charge and I’ll do what I like.

The only way to really live pure, live free, is to take off your crown and cast it at the feet of Jesus. Let Him be Lord in your life. Let Him be a real and present help to you. Let God be your God. Because, I hate to break it to you, but no one has ever attempted to take the King’s crown and thrived.

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