How to tell your 8 year-old about sex

Breathe! Pray. Talk with your spouse. Consider the best time to sit down with your child, preferably one on one without the distractions of the TV or even other siblings.

What we recommend:

The Miracle of Creation Series

This is a wonderful series that explains reproduction for plants, birds, and then people. These books place the focus on the glory of God’s creation and help children to see that God made all living things and their cycles and seasons of life to praise and honor Him. Children as young as 5 can go through Why Do Plants Grow?, Why Do Birds Build Nests?, and The Wonderful Way Babies Are Made (younger section) with their parents. Older children (9 and up) can go through What Is God’s Design for My Body? and The Wonderful Way Babies Are Made (older section) .

The Wonderful Way Babies Are Made features two sets of text. The rhyming prose is for kids as young as 4 and 5, while the text in boxes is great for kids 9 and older.

It’s important to remember that to our kids, how they receive this information is all about the way we present it! If you share with your child the beauty of God’s creation, especially factoring in all the elements relating to plants and birds, they’ll see sex as following a pattern that God designed. Keep it in this context, and it won’t be weird.

DON’T leave either The Wonderful Way Babies Are Made, or What is God’s Design for My Body on a low shelf.
DO keep these two in a safe place only you and your spouse know. These are books you want to read with your kids.

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