iDevices and Music

About iPods, MP3s, and Music

What you and your children need to know about music:

Music in the digital age- oh my! With all of today’s changing music technology, sometimes it can be difficult for parents to keep up with the changing trends! Here are some helpful hints for keeping track of your child’s music diet:

1. Create a family iTunes (or other music library, such as Rhapsody) account. Make sure iTunes is only on one computer that is accessible for the whole family, that way you are able to see what everyone is listening to.
2. Create a username and password that only you and your spouse know. Use your email, and you will receive purchase receipts from the music libraries.
3. Use a dock whenever possible. Young people are becoming increasingly at risk for hearing loss because of the enormous amount of time spent with earphones turned on and up loud. Docks are an inexpensive option to protect your child’s hearing.
4. Listen to books and worship music. Load your child’s MP3 or iPod with awesome worship music, the Bible and great books.
5. Be aware of free downloading. Free download sites such as Lime Wire and Kazaaa are not only illegal, but riddled with viruses.


privateBrowsing.pngHere we’ll talk about mainly the iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad. As of right now, the iPod classic is not enabled for web browsing. If you make the decision to allow your child to have one of these iDevices we recommend disabling the apps that can access the internet (and dangerous content) and install a parental controls browser (there is an excellent browser available from SafeEyes). Here is how you can shut down apps on the iDevice:

1. From the main iPhone/iPod screen choose the “Settings” option

2. Click on “General”

3. Next, choose “Restrictions” to turn that feature on (if it is not already on – you will also be required to enter a 4-digit passcode that you setup if the feature is not already on)

4. In the Restrictions menu, you will then drag the slider under the “Safari” option to “OFF”. In this menu, there are other important features you can shut off as well, including content ratings, turning off YouTube, iTunes downloads and installing other applications.

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