Social Networking Tips for Parents

About Social Networking

Tips to keeping your children safe while using social networking sites:

  • The Internet is Permanent; anything posted (even if you delete it) can be retrieved.
  • Don’t let social networks keep them from face-to-face interaction with their peers.
  • As a general guideline, don’t let your child befriend anyone online they/you haven’t spent time with in person.
  • Know their password for any social network accounts. This is the only way to effectively monitor their activity.
  • When they want to post a picture to their online account, ask them if they would be comfortable having that same picture shown on the LCD screen at Church Sunday morning. If not, they shouldn’t post it.
  • Teach them to take notice of photos taken of them, especially on cell phones. Almost all mobile phones can upload a picture to Facebook and tag your son or daughter within 30 seconds of the photo being taken.
  • Have high privacy settings for their social network account(s).
  • Many social networking users misrepresent who they really are as a person. Teach your kids to not change their personality (No matter how tempting!), but to be true to who they are.
  • Have a good reason for having a social networking account. Many people around the world are using social networks as a tool to spread the gospel, start Bible studies, Discipleship programs, etc. Teach your children to use these tools wisely, and to advance God’s Kingdom – not their own.
  • SET TIME LIMITS, and stick to them!
  • Install filtering/monitoring software (such as Safe Eyes) and check their reports at least once a week, or more if they’ve engaged in high risk internet behavior in the past.
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