Talking to Your Daughter About Starting Her Period

How do I talk to my daughter about starting her period?
and when do I start that conversation?

momDaughterOn average, girls start their periods two years younger than their mothers did – and their friends are talking about it even before that! Mom, you want to be the one to share about this transition with your daughter. For this reason, we recommend starting a conversation with your daughter as young as 8 (especially if you suspect your daughter might be an early bloomer). If you go without breathing a word up until your daughter is 12, she’ll be so close to starting she may have already gone to other sources to find out what in the world is going on with her body.

One of the easiest things you can do is grab a copy of the Beautifully Made Series. It’s short, positive, Biblical, mom/daughter and doesn’t talk about sex. Book 1 explains how your daughter’s body is changing, covering subjects like why she’ll need to wear a bra and why her skin is freaking out. Book 2 is her ultimate how-to guide for after she starts. It shares girl-to-girl about the difference between maxi and regular, tracking your cycle and PMS. Book 3 is your mom’s guide. Mom-to-mom, it practically gives you advice on how you can make your daughter’s journey to womanhood a positive thing! Mom, take this opportunity to bond with your daughter and help her see God made her body and it is good!

Beautifully Made!

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