The easiest way to explain sex to your kids

Library-BooksHere is an excerpt from our Help Page: What exactly is “age appropriate” information about sex? Your guide to avoiding TMI

“When it comes to starting this conversation, the easiest thing to do is read your child a book. At Generations of Virtue, we’ve done some massive amounts of searching and reading to find books that best help parents in this area. It takes the pressure off of you to come up with exactly the right words, and conveniently many of these books are in story format. There are several series that we recommend, with suggested ages to give you a general compass. Your best bet though, is always to read them before you sit with your kids. Every child matures differently, and also depending on environments, some kids will be ready for more information than their peers of the same age.”

So here are a few of our favorites:

The Miracle of Creation set

1. The Miracle of Creation set: this is a wonderful series that explains reproduction for plants, birds, and then people. These books place the focus on the glory of God’s creation and help children to see that God made all living things and their cycles and seasons of life to praise and honor Him. Children as young as 5 can go through Why Do Plants Grow?Why Do Birds Build Nests?, and The Wonderful Way Babies Are Made (younger section) with their parents. Older children (9 and up) can go through What Is God’s Design for My Body? and The Wonderful Way Babies Are Made (older section) .

The Wonderful Way Babies Are Made features two sets of text. The rhyming prose is for kids as young as 4 and 5, while the text in boxes is great for kids 9 and older.

2. The God’s Design for Sex series: this series differs in approach from the Miracle of Creation set, because it’s more story-based. While the entire set is extensive, the first three books are the ones we recommend the most. The first book is called The Story of Me (ages 3-5), and you can view an excerpt from it HERE.

The second book is called Before I was Born (if your kids are in public or private school, the authors suggested age of 5-8 is recommend. However if your kids are homeschooled, ages 7-11 may be more appropriate for you). This book also begins to explain about tougher topics like appropriate touch. Read the excerpt HERE. The third suggested book in this series is called What’s the Big Deal (author recommended ages are 8-11, although the same rule applies as book two if your kids are in public or private school vs homeschooled). The book is essential for covering the tough subjects, and is written in a helpful parent/child question and answer format. The chapters address: What is gay?, What’s the big deal about sex, Sex outside of marriage, What is AIDS?, What are STD’s? and more. Even if your children are too young for this book, we highly suggest keeping it on hand. Many parents have stories of their young children coming home and asking them the questions covered in this book because they overheard someone else talking about it, or even saw a story about it on the news. Keep this book in a safe place, and pull it out as the questions arise. Otherwise, stick to the recommended age groups.

If you have a child 11 or older, or, if your child’s school will soon be giving their sex-ed class (average is 4th grade), we recommend Passport2Purity by Dennis and Barbara Rainey before they go through sex-ed class. The refill kit (for when you are going through it with your next child) for Passport2Purity has been on our top 10 best sellers list since 2003. CLICK HERE to get more information, and to find out why thousands of parents around the world are raving about this resource.

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