What is a Rite of Passage?

rite-passageA rite of passage is a formal invitation for a child to enter into adulthood. It is a specific time where the adults in a child’s life say “We recognize you as an adult now. You are now responsible for the choices in your life and we are here to help you behave like an adult!” In other words, it is a blessing you speak over the future of your growing child.

Because of our lack of a formal rite of passage in our modern culture, young people are looking to other things to affirm their adulthood. And more often than not, the places they are looking are not good, and the rites they engage in drive them away from God and further from their purpose and destiny in Him.

This is where you as a parent can have a tremendously positive effect on the future of your child. When you hold a rite of passage for your son or your daughter, you are equipping them to enter into the world of adulthood with your blessing and equipping them to make good, life-affirming choices.

For information on organizing a rite of passage, including what you can do to prepare your son or daughter for one, we highly recommend the following resources:

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