Won’t they come to me to learn about sex?

Won’t my child come to me when he’s ready to know about sex?

kid-looking-upNot always. If you expect your child to do the initiating on the birds and bees topic, he’ll most likely come after he’s already heard or read something (if he comes at all). The “first person who talks to your kids about sex, is like them leaving their footprints in wet cement”1. Do you want to risk your child hearing about sex from the media, their friends, or google? The likelihood of the information they hear being from a Biblical perspective is very slim. The only way you can be sure that they hear about sex in its proper, beautiful context, is by telling them yourself.

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Consider using this from Guardians of Purity: 83
Guardians of Purity, Julie Hiramine. Charisma House Publishers, 2011.
Parents: The Guardians of Purity

cat2Our children’s hearts are very moldable at this young age, and we want to be the ones to make the first impression on them. We want to make sure that the truth of God is written on their young hearts. Several years ago the city came to repair a broken concrete slab in front of our house in Colorado. Now at this time we had a cat named Rover. This Rover was no ordinary tabby; he was at least twice the size of any normal cat and had twice the ornery personality to go along with his proportions. He was always attracted to trouble! Well, that day as they poured the new cement, I found him standing proudly out front, in the middle of that fresh concrete! At that moment I had visions of our tabby becoming a permanent part of our sidewalk! As I yelled for him to get in the house, he left his paw prints indelibly sunk into the brand-new cement. Even though Rover is long gone now, he is forever memorialized out in front of that home!

Our kids’ hearts are the same way. They are like freshly poured cement when they are young, and this is our opportunity to instruct them about their character and to plant a vision of healthy future relationships and a deep love for the Lord. But do not think for a minute that we are doing all this without conflicting messages. There are a lot of “Rovers” out there in the world who know our kids’ hearts can be written on at this age as well, and they want to get their “paws” on our children and scratch their ugly messages on their hearts. We also do not want to wait too long before we start this process. If we wait too long, the cement will harden, and it will be like chipping rock to make these foundational messages stick. The sooner we are able to set these principles in our children’s hearts, the sooner it will be set in a permanent way.

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