Moms, Daughters and Periods

mom-daughter-garden1It’s that moment all women remember. For some of us, it was the panic of thinking we were dying at the first sign of blood. For others, it started horrifically at the wrong time; like a pool party with your cute new suit. Maybe your mom said something to you like “welcome to the curse honey”. Maybe you read in a book that women are indeed cursed (thanks to Eve). When bloating, PMS and cramps set in, you might have even started to believe that too.

But the reality is, that God designed our bodies the way He did. He called us “fearfully and wonderfully made” (Psalm 139:14). Our bodies are specially designed. Now like anyone, there are days I don’t feel like this. We’re constantly being bombarded with extreme messages from the feminist movement, telling us that everything about our bodies is wrong. Some days it’s harder than others to believe that the design of my body is just right. But it’s important that we embrace this truth – not only for ourselves, but for our daughters. If it was hard for us moms going through adolescence, it’s even harder now for our daughters. The messages they hear are even more disturbing, and downright wrong than what we heard growing up. Our daughters are looking to us when it comes to how we view our own bodies, and being shaped by the impression we leave them. I’ve learned that if I have a hard period, not to go ranting to my daughters. In fact, I’ve tried to turn what I previously thought a negative part of women’s existance, into a postive one. I’ve made it a point to tell my girls that they are beautiful the way God made them. I try my hardest on a daily basis to be positive about their bodies changing and starting their period – while also being honest, and helping them through the tougher parts of ‘that time of the month’.

Moms, the influence you have on your daughters lifelong view of her body and period is huge.

I feel so strongly about this, I got with some girlfriends of mine and together we wrote a 3 book set on the topic. These are easy to read, leave out the ‘birds and the bees’ (for more information on why, click HERE), give practical advice, and are yes, positive!

It’s my desire to see a generation of young women go into their teen years with a positive view of their bodies. Understanding and accepting the way God created us is fundamental to preventing much bigger problems, such as bulimia, anorexia and cutting.

One last word to moms: in the world we live in, you may be the only woman who ever tells your daughter she is ok the way she was created. So let’s get started on this awesome opportunity!

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