Periods and sex: how to tell your daughter (without her running in terror)


Have you ever noticed that normally the conversation “sweetheart, let me tell you what a period is” goes hand in hand with the “sweetheart, this is how (gulp), um, babies are made”?

About the time I learned girls start their periods two years earlier than their moms did (on average), I was convinced my 8 year old daughter needed to know what was ahead as her body developed. I wasn’t convinced however, of her needing to know all the details about sex along with the information on her body changes. Oh sure, I wanted to give her some information – just not all of it (CLICK HERE to find out what “some information” can look like for an 8 year-old). 

Beautifully Made!When I sat down with my girlfriends to write the books we couldn’t find, The Beautifully Made Series for moms and daughters (ages 8+), some topics discussed were how early our daughters needed to learn about their bodies developing into womanhood, and how much information about the birds and the bees they could handle at the same time. I eventually concluded that every 8 year old daughter could use information about her changing body, but not every daughter can use information about sex at this age. I decided to leave the topic of ‘sex’ out of Beautifully Made altogether. We at Generations of Virtue have books, articles and DVD teaching series all about how to tackle the topic of teaching your children biblically about sex. But we agreed that for an 8 year-old, or even 10 year-old, it would be overwhelming to learn about having a monthly period throughout her young adult life, and learning about how babies are made in one afternoon.

God has never failed to give me wisdom as to how much information I should share with my daughters when I ask Him.

Ultimately, all of this is up to the discretion of you mom (and dad!). Each of our daughters is different, and the stages they learn and grasp new things unique to each of them. What I’ve learned with each of my five daughters, is that before I begin any of these conversations, I pray!

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