Periods gone right: why you don’t want to miss the God-factor

I was in a dilemma. I was getting my hair done, and my stylist shared how girl’s on average start their periods two years younger than their mothers did. I was shocked, whipped my head around and…..went home with a completely different hair cut than I had planned.

girl-prayingMy oldest daughter was 8 at the time. If I started my period at 11, that meant she could start in a year. I couldn’t imagine breaking into my sweet, innocent 8 year olds world, and giving her the adult details on body changes, periods, and babies. I remember being completely overwhelmed when I learned all the ‘facts of life’, and I wasn’t about to do the same to my baby. After some thought and prayer, I came to the conclusion maybe I should just talk to her about body changes and starting her period, and leave out some significant details about sex (more on this HERE). This lead me to go on a book hunt, because frankly, coming up with the wording all by myself with my girls’ doe eyes staring scared me to death. To my disappointment, a book such as I was seeking wasn’t to be found. I found several that were just ok; but none from a Biblical perspective that didn’t give all the details on baby making.

When the book search trail went cold, I did the only thing any ambitious, caring mother would do: got with my girlfriends and wrote a 3-book series for moms and daughters called Beautifully Made (girls ages 8+).

So why did I write books instead of going with the not-so-bad American Girl? It’s simple. God is the one who created women’s bodies, and how they function (yes, that means periods!). An instrumental part in our daughters acceptance of their bodies, is the belief that the creator of the universe made her just right. Unless we do our part to speak louder than the world’s negative view (especially the radical feminists) of women’s bodies, we run the risk of our daughters adapting to the belief that they were made all wrong.

In short – our daughters need the ‘God factor’ more than anything else when it comes to learning about their period.

Since Beautifully Made hit the market ten years ago, I can’t tell you the number of encouraging stories I hear from moms around the world. Intentionally dialoging with our daughters about this, pouring into them encouragement about who they are instead of negatively avoiding the issue, has blessed countless daughters. I’m so proud of these moms and daughters – and excited to see the young women emerging who don’t fall for the lies of the enemy when it comes to their bodies.

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