Connecting Over Christmas

adventbook1One of my family’s favorite Christmas traditions is Christmastime Devotions.  This is something the entire family looks forward to as we focus on the true meaning of this busy season.  Every night after dinner our family gathers in the living room and reads together from the Advent Book.  This beautiful book features 25 pages of intricately-painted doors and breaks up the Christmas story from Luke chapter 1 across 25 pages.

We start with the first door on December 1st, and then each night we take turns opening a new door. Sometimes we pick who gets to read the first door by age, sometimes by birthdays, sometimes by random choice. Every night ends up being a time of sweet fellowship and devotion. As soon as our youngest child at the time learns to talk, the first page is “their day”, and they read (or say from memory) “His name shall be called Immanuel, which means God with us.”  The wonder continues as we open a new door each day until Christmas.  Everyday we read each of the previous days’ doors and then open the new door for that day with awe and surprise.  The repetition helps our children learn the Christmas story and store it in their hearts.  We also worship with Christmas carols and read about Christmas traditions and their roots in our Savior and the celebration of His birth.

adventbook2This Fall when our daughter turned 16, we did a special rite of passage for her birthday celebration.  It is called “A Library for a Lifetime” (I got this idea from the book Raising a Modern-Day Princess).  This called for everyone who gave her a birthday gift to give a book that they would never want to live without.  As I prayed about what book had been special to our family over the years and that I would want to be a keepsake for her family someday in the future, I decided to bless her with the Advent Book. We have used this special book for our Christmas family devotions since she was a baby.  This is not an easy book to find, and is often out of print.  I was lucky that I had tucked one away to give to someone special years before.

This year we have found the Advent Book and are excited to announce the publisher has let us purchase a few to place on our website.  Quantities are limited.  We are blessed at Generations of Virtue to pass on one of our favorite family Christmas traditions so that you can spend time this Christmas season connecting with your family in a meaningful way.

~Julie Hiramine

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