Why Dylan Farrow Impacts You

Maybe you’ve read Dylan Farrow’s open letter to her adopted father, Woody Allen. Or very possibly, passed by it as just more celebrity gossip and drama. Yet this situation is different, because it shows a very real dynamic in the entertainment industry that you need to be aware of.

Woody Allen

Often we forget there are real people behind the movie sets, glamour and lights of the red carpet. It would be easy to write off Hollywood as a corrupted industry, and be thankful we aren’t a part of that world. But what if Katy Perry was the daughter you raised in the church, loved and cared for? What if it was your child who was abused at the hands of one of these hurting celebrities? It’s important for us not to become calloused as Christians, self-righteously turning down our noses at the sins of others.

Why you should take notice of Dylan Farrow speaking out about Woody Allen’s abuse is because of how many people have not taken notice.

How many people, by starring in his films, paying for movie tickets and streaming his movies, have supported a very hurting man whose cold heart lead him to cruelly abuse an innocent young girl(s)? So while we are not suggesting you research every Hollywood director, producer, writer and actor and boycott anything they’ve participated in based on your findings, we ARE suggesting you not turn a blind eye to the blatant facts either. As parents, our children need to see us standing for integrity, high sexual values and courage. They need to see that we are ok with forgoing the latest film due to its perverse content, and because the creators of the film have very real problems that need to be addressed. Perhaps you leading by example will impact your kids more than anyone else they come into contact with.

Puzzle Heart On Screen Showing Romantic Movies And Soap Operas

As a culture, especially as Christians, we’ve become calloused to crude sexuality. We’ve become so accustomed to it that we fail to notice how perverse it actually is. We listen to music by artists whose lifestyles are lost and full of heartbreak, watch movies after our kids are tucked into bed that would make our great-grandparents turn in their graves, and the list goes on. The truth is, by buying music on iTunes, streaming certain movies and the like, we are supporting and keeping in business a sexual industry, no matter how we justify it to ourselves. It’s time we ask ourselves the tough questions: Who are we supporting with our entertainment dollars? Is casually watching the ‘soft porn’ scene supporting the ‘real’ pornography industry? The greatest thing we’ve seen parents do to help their children make healthy sexual decisions in our 11 years of ministry is this: to make healthy sexual decisions themselves.

We cannot lead our children to a place we are not at, nor have ever been.



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