World Vision Reversal, Homosexual Marriage, & Your Kids

World Vision’s definition of ‘unity’ has left many parents wondering what they will tell their children.
Image: Courtesy of World Vision U.S.
President Richard Stearns

The recent announcement from World Vision regarding their allowing of homosexual married staff, followed closely by their reversal of that same decision, has sparked an uprising in many evangelical Christian circles. Many Christian leaders across denominational lines are believed to have largely affected their reverse decision, such as John Piper (quoted below).

When World Vision says, “We cannot jump into the fight on one side or another on this issue,” here is the side they do, in fact, jump onto: We forbid fornication and adultery as acceptable lifestyles among our employees (which they do), but we will not forbid the regular practice of homosexual intercourse. To presume that this position is not “jumping into the fight on one side or the other” is fanciful. – John Piper

While we applaud World Vision for reversing their decision, we can sadly anticipate other organizations following the example of their original choice in the name of ‘church unity’. These organizations may even have statements of faith that claim they uphold Biblical teaching as their ultimate guide.

So how do we handle this personally, and what do we tell our kids?

CommunicationIn situations like this, the enemy often convinces our hearts that we are fighting individuals – and in cases like this, often our fellow brothers and sisters struggling with homosexuality. It’s so easy to get caught up in the political struggle of powers, in the extreme-ness of the gay-rights movement that we forget not everyone caught up in homosexuality marches in parades and is out to convince your son or daughter they were ‘born this way’.

The mistake in situations like this is to make any ‘person’ or group the enemy.  So while it’s important to not make people that we are supposed to love with the love Jesus has given us our enemies or targets, we also cannot afford to compromise what the word of God says in relation to homosexuality. Practicing homosexuality, as well as practicing any other kind of sexual sin, is just that: sin. None of it is ok, from [heterosexual] sexual activity outside of marriage to sexual activity between two individuals of the same sex. That is a significant point to make clear to our children.

What parents can do:

For you as a parent, becoming informed about this issue will be very important inAction Definition Magnifier Showing Acting Or Proactive the next several years. Especially as an increasing number of Christians will be championing same-sex relationships and marriage, having a proper worldview is nonnegotiable.

Knowing the clear outcomes of homosexuality on our culture is important, because despite what the media says, homosexuality has proven itself – even in non-faith based studies – to be an extremely dissatisfying lifestyle, on every level from sexual, emotional and spiritual fulfillment to raising children.

Neuroscience is a field you’ll want to monitor as well, especially gender studies as they continue to confirm what the Bible has been saying all along: He created them male and female. What you’ll find is that during the gestation period, developing baby boys and girls will have varying levels of hormones – some boys having slightly less testosterone and more estrogen, while others (the typical “all boy”) will have much less estrogen and high levels of testosterone. Does this mean the boy with higher levels of estrogen was born gay? Hardly, and these are the studies you want to read to understand why and how things get so twisted.

When magazines such as People publish convincing stories of little boys convinced they were meant to be little girls, with their parents allowing them to have sex change surgery before the age of 12, you’ll want to have your facts straight. If you are not familiar with cultural and scientific information regarding homosexuality (in addition to clear Biblical knowledge), your arguments to stories such as the one listed above will fall flat, making you appear ignorant and un-informed. For your own sake, as well as your kids, you need to be in the know.

If you’re wondering where to start:

Listed below are a few excellent voices – highly educated individuals committed to sharing the truth, no matter how politically incorrect it may be.

Photo Credit:

Michael Gurian, whose vast study and knowledge of gender research will not only help you understand the difference between your son and daughter, but will also be very key in understanding our society and the intense gender confusion present.
Books in our store: Raising Boy’s by Design and The Wonder of Girls

Photo Credit: The Heritage Foundation

Ryan T. Anderson, lawyer and author who strongly advocates traditional marriage and sexual integrity in academic, secular, and faith-based arenas. A basic Google search reveals the intolerance of his free speech rights from organizations such as GLAAD. You can find several of his media appearances by searching on Youtube.
Find his bio here and blog here.
We recommend you read this book: What is Marriage? Man and Woman: a Defense .

Screen Shot 2014-04-02 at 1.49.42 PM
Photo Credit:

Mark Regnerus, nearly lost his job as Associate Professor of Sociology and Research with the Population Research Center at the University of Texas at Austin for publishing what is arguably the first truly academic study revealing the unhealthy emotional state of children raised by gay parents, as well as single and cohabitating parents. Not surprisingly, it was his findings on children from gay households that ignited the media controversy.
We encourage you to read his study, and can find it here.
Note: One of the severe criticisms of Mark’s study is that he studies children who come from broken, gay homes. While this could be considered a valid argument as to the accuracy of the study, statistics reveal that an alarming number of gay households are broken. For studies done by the CDC, The U.S. Census Bureau and the Gay/Lesbian Online Census, click here.

This report  published by The Washington Times is also very insightful, showing the average gay relationship ends after just 1.5 years.

Photo Credit:

Michael L. Brown, Christian author, speaker and radio host. His 691 page book entitled A Queer Thing Happened to America is packed full of research. He delicately balances the individual genuinely struggling with same-sex attraction, with the extreme gay agenda that has been overwhelming our nation. A genuine, must read.


This is hardly the end of who we could recommend, or who we at Generations of Virtue follow closely and read, but reading the above will certainly give you a lot of material to think and pray about, as well as get conversations started in your family. One final thought to end on: they’ll know we are Christians by our love. Will some accuse you of being self-righteous, judgmental and intolerant? Old-fashioned, ignorant, old-school? Undoubtedly. Especially when talking to your children, know that your words will absolutely be repeated to their friends, as well as many others such as extended family, coaches, etc. Threading your words with the gospel, never forgetting we have all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God (Romans 3:23) is very important as you unwaveringly stand for the truth found in the word of God.

They’ll know we are Christians by our love.

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