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  1. Six Ways to Keep the Little in Your Girl

    Learn how to connect with your tween daughter during one of the most influential times of her life. Mom and Dad's influence is so important in this stage of development, and Dannah shows you how to make the most of this time. Learn More
  2. Loving Our Kids on Purpose

    An enlightening book about using Biblical principles to discipline your children in a way that is productive and not exasperating to you or your kids! Learn More
    $16.99 $16.49
  3. Never Surrender

    An inspiring autobiography about an army General's commitment to Christ in the face of hardship and persecution. Learn More
  4. Hearing God 30 Different Ways CD

    Learn how to wait on the Lord and recognize God's voice in this practical audio book. Learn More
  5. Hearing God 30 Different Ways

    Learn how to wait on the Lord and recognize His voice in this practical book. Learn More
  6. Six Ways to Keep the Good in Your Boy

    An excellent book for parents of sons 8-12 on how to connect with them and guide them through this pivotal character-forming time. Learn More
  7. Miracle of Creation Series/Wonderful Way Babies Are Made

    Teach your children about the glory of God's creation in this great series. Beautiful pictures combined with gentle text. Learn More
    $42.96 $29.99
  8. When Good Kids Make Bad Choices

    A practical and heart-felt book for parents seeking direction for a wayward child. Learn More
  9. Age of Opportunity

    Finding the opportunities to deepen your relationships with your teens can seem difficult. Let Age of Opportunity help you find God's provision for parenting during this time in your child's life. Learn More
    $14.99 $14.59
  10. Dad's Everything Book for Sons

    Guide your son through his adolescent years with this inspiring book about how to build a lasting, Godly relationship with your son. This book is bursting with ideas of practical and spiritual ways to cement the bond between you and your son. Learn More
    $12.99 $5.99
  11. Wonderful Way Babies are Made, The

    This entertaining, colorful book is full of wonderful real-life illustrations and age-appropriate text to teach your children about God's creation. Great for families with children ages 3-10. Learn More
  12. My Big Book of Five Minute Devotions

    A fun and easy way to have devotion time with your little ones! Your kids will love learning about different animals from God's creation while also learning truths from His Word. Learn More
  13. Talking with Your Daughter about Best Friends and Mean Girls

    Dannah Gresh, bestselling author of Six Ways to Keep the "Little" in Your Girl and creator of the Secret Keeper Girl events, has developed fun and strategic "dating" ideas to help moms invest time to deeply interact with their tween girls about friends. Learn More

13 Item(s)

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